Travel Thursday 

Hello lovelies! 

      I was lucky enough to take a trip up north to Toronto, Canada (insert catchy Drake lyric here). My wonderful friend Muna was tying the knot with her now husband, and I knew I couldn’t miss the wedding. The wedding was as beautiful as the bride, and was so happy to share her big day with her. I also got to spend time with my fiancé and my soon to be new family! We ended up going to the CNE since my future sister-in-law scored free tickets after being chosen to be on their poster (Top Model). The CNE is a carnival that comes every summer to Toronto, where you can indulge in carnival food (deep fried Oreo anyone?!) play games and most importantly ride the roller coasters! Since I love amusement parks for the rides, it should come as no surprise that I rode almost every single ride there. We got express tickets which allowed us to bypass the long lines, which definitely made me feel like a vip (thanks Hodan)! I had a great time with Adam, Nastexo, Hodan and of course my fiancé. 

The next day my fiancé took me to a Blue Jays (Toronto’s professional baseball team) game. I’ve never been to a baseball game before so I was excited to see if it would live up to the hype, it did! We orders hot dogs, got matching Blue Jays hats (sorry Braves), and cheered when we got a homerun. Unfortunately we didn’t win that day against Baltimore but the experience and view (the dome was open with the perfect view of the CN tower) was worth it. 

The week totally flew by and before I knew it, I was heading to Pearson airport catching a flight back to Atlanta with my one too many suitcases in tow. I definitely enjoyed my trip and can’t wait to be back next month! -Habon xo 






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