Tumblr Tuesday 10/20

Hello lovelies!

       Sorry I’ve been a little M.I.A. lately, I’ve been working on a few exciting things that I’ll be sharing with you soon! I also made another trip up north, Toronto, to attend my cousin’s wedding and of course visit my fiancé. I had a wonderful trip aside from the cold weather, is anyone ever really ready for the cold?! Aside from the weather the trip was perfect. My fiancé and I officially found our condo (yay)! We spent most of the trip furniture shopping, which was a lot of fun! So I decided for this week’s edition of Tumblr Tuesday I’m sharing my fav home decor finds over in Tumblr-land. Let me know what your loving off of Tumblr! -Habon xo 

  (Source: Thedecorista

(Source: The Decorista

 (Source: The Decorista

(Source: Melbripley

(Source: Too Young to Reign

5 thoughts on “Tumblr Tuesday 10/20

    1. Thank you so much! It’s such a relief finding a place, and now for the fun part, decorating! Yes we did the sane thing and ordered a custom headboard. The tufted headboards definitely add a lovely touch.

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      1. That’s sounds like so much fun! Yes I’ve been doing the same thing and slowly been replacing my bridal magazines for home decor ones lol. xx

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