Makeup Routine 

Hello lovelies, 

      Hope you’re enjoying this beautiful Saturday. I had a few people ask for my daily makeup routine, so I decided to dedicate this blog post to just that. I have to admit I don’t wear makeup always,but when I do these are my go to favorites. Here’s what I use to get a natural but still beat look. Get the dets below and shop the products! -Habon xo 

Foundation: NARS New Guinea Sheer Glow

Foundation brush: MAC 130

Beauty Blender: The Original BeautyBlender

Lip: Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment

Cream color base: Improper Copper Frost

Blush: Sweet As Cocoa (sheer tone shimmer) 

Eyeshadow: Amber Lights Frost

Eye Khol: Smolder

Eyebrow pencil: Spiked

Bronzer: Dark Deep

Blush Brush: Similar

Cosmetic Case: Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Case

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