Scarves for Days

Hello dolls,

Just as I thought spring had arrived, we’ve been hit with snow and freezing windchill, needless to say I’m not a happy camper! With the unpredictability of the weather up here, one thing I think is always essential is the perfect scarf. Whether you’re looking for a shawl to stay warm, the perfect neck tie for a girly brunch or maybe something a little more edgy, I’ve got you covered, no pun intended. When the weather might be chilly I always go for my LV shawl. It’s large, warm, and fashionable, what more could a girl want? The dark gray color makes it the perfect accessory for any outfit. When I want to to be more girly or dainty, I either grab my Hermes Twilly scarf or my Dior silk square. The Hermes twill is the perfect pop of color, but with it’s small size it won’t overpower any outfit. I love wearing it around my neck in a loose bow or letting it lay flat under a collard shirt. The Dior scarf has a more feminine feel with it’s floral design and muted color pallet. I actually love dressing my Lady Dior bag up with this scarf, by wrapping it around the handles or even around the bag itself. It instantly takes my black bag up a notch, and allows me to dress it up. The days I want to be a little more edgy, I love pairing up my Alexander McQueen skull scarf with my leather jacket and black high rise skinny jeans. It’s in the perfect hot pink color which makes the edgy scarf a bit more feminine, but still fun! Which scarf is your fav? Don’t forget to shop the looks below! -Habon xo



Louis Vuitton Shawl (here)

Hermes Silk Twilly Scarf (here)

Dior Silk Square (similar)

Alexander McQueen (similar)



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