CC Me 

Hello lovelies, 

It actually feels like spring, and I couldn’t be happier. In the spring I love having my makeup dewy and glistening. My fav foundation is NARS which goes on flawlessly, the only downside is my hyper pigmentation, which is a fancy way of saying discoloration. Like most girls I have darker areas than others, which can make finding the perfect shade difficult. That’s why color corrector is amazing! You literally apply the orange color corrector to any dark areas which allow your foundation to go on perfectly (goodbye gray areas). I love the LA Girl Pro Conceal Color Corrector. It’s super easy to apply on with the brush and then I use my handy beauty blender to blend it, before applying my foundation. What makes it amazing is the fact that this color corrector is extremely affordable! Can we say win-win! -Habon xo 

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