Eye See You

Hello Lovelies,

Happy Thursday! As some of you may know, my birthday was a few weeks ago (yay) and my wonderful sister took me out to celebrate my birthday a few weeks ago. She took me to Sephora and told me to pick out anything I wanted. I literally felt like a kid in a candy store. With so many options, I decided to get Urban Decay’s Naked3 eyeshadow palette which I’ve had my eye on for a while now. While the  first two palettes tend to have more neutral colors, the third has more rosy pink hues which I couldn’t resist. I haven’t had a chance to play with all the colors yet but can’t wait to try them out! I’ll do a thorough review in a few months, so make sure to look out for that! Do you love eyeshadow palettes and if so which one is your fav?! -Habon xo

Urban Decay Naked3 Palette (here

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