Tumblr Tuesday 6/28

Hello Lovelies, 

If you’re reading this that I’m most likely on a plane heading home to Atlanta! It’s been long overdue for my visit home and I couldn’t be happier seeing all my loved ones. Yesterday I shared with you, What’s in my Travel Bag, so I decided it was only right to dedicate this Tumblr Tuesday post to all things travel related! I think having the right travel gear is almost as fun as the trip itself. I mean a girl has to fly fashionable right?! Sit back, relax and enjoy these photos I’ve found from Tumblr and let me know what travel piece you’re wanting to get! -Habon xo 

(Source: A Reasonably Dressed Woman

(Source: Monmondefou)

(Source: Almasalabdulla

(Source: Pretty–chic)

(Source: Simple is New Luxury

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