Bad and Boujee

Hello Lovelies,

Happy Hump Day! Now that the week is almost half over, it makes bearing this cold a little more tolerable, knowing that the weekend isn’t too far off. Speaking of the cold, I finally got a chance to bring out my blush pink fur stole I purchased a few months ago. I’ve been waiting for the perfect occasion to be a little extra, and our first year anniversary dinner was the perfect excuse. I paired it with my bomber jacket so it wouldn’t look to stuffy or formal. I also got my face beat to perfect at Sephora courtesy of my VIB Rouge card. Shay was amazing and gave me that Insta beat I was looking for. Follow her over on her Insta page to get some serious makeup inspiration. Overall that night was perfect and cannot wait to spend many more anniversaries together. Yesterday I shared highlights from my wedding. In case you missed the post, check it out here. Hope you enjoy! -Habon xo


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