Love and Marriage with Iskufilan

Hello Lovelies,

Hope your week has gotten off to a great start! My lovely friend Sahra over at Iskufilan asked me to share my insight on my first year of marriage, since hubby and I just celebrated our first year anniversary. She writes amazing posts about marriage, relationship advice and finding the one! She’s always dropping great knowledge and I love soaking it all up, so you can imagine how honored I was to be featured on her blog. She’s kicking off a new series which will feature other Somali women and their thoughts and inputs on marriage. I think this is such a great idea which can benefit us all! Check out the full interview below and click on the link to see the full post! -Habon xo


Hello, glad to see you back again. If you are a first time visitor, welcome to my blog! Please take a look around and share your thoughts with me. So, I’ll be starting a new series where I interview other Somali women and incorporate their thoughts and take on marriage. I hope that this series will…

via A Moment with Habon Arreh — Iskufilan

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