New Month, New Beginning, Same Hustle

Hello Lovelies,

Happy Monday and Happy October! I love the beginning of the month, because I feel like it’s the perfect time to push that reset button and see what you can be doing to get closer to your goals. Now imagine pairing that with a new week and I feel like productivity is at an all time high! This is why I’m loving this quote I found on Pinterest for this week’s Monday Motivation.


This is the perfect time to get started on that big plan you’ve been dreaming of and making it a reality. If you’re already working towards your goals, take the time now to see if you’re getting any closer to them. No? Then see what you can start doing today to make them more attainable. “There’s seven days in the week, and someday isn’t one of them”- Unknown. So go out and crush those goals, you got this! -Habon xo


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