Tumblr Tuesday 6/30

Hello Lovelies! 

       Hope you’re all enjoying the summer weather and hopefully are in a place not as hot as Atlanta! I’m already missing spring, but enough about the weather let’s discuss more fun things like Tumblr Tuesday! This week I’m drooling over this perfect pink shade Lady Dior bag. With that color no need to wait for Wedneadays to bring it out. I know many of you may be traveling now that summer is in full swing, and I think this blogger nailed the perfect combo of comfortably stylish. I’m also loving the trench coat look paired with white skinny jeans and a Chanel boy bag that is tots swooning over! Perhaps it’s the fasting but I’m missing iced coffees and overfilling breakfasts and both of these photos make me wish I was in Paris! Hope you enjoy my Tumblr picks and as always let me know what you’re loving. -Habon xo 

(Source: Malyshevel
  (Source: Dopegyaaal)

(Source: We heart it

 (Source: The Runway Girl

(Source: Visual Vixen)

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