Tumblr Tuesday 7/7 

Hello lovelies! 

    It’s another round of Tumblr Tuesday! This week I’m loving a perfect netural living room that has the right hint of glam without being too stuffy. I still don’t think there’s a better combo than black and white. I’m loving how two street styles prove that you can either glam up the color combo of leave it effortlessly chic. I honestly don’t think any summer mani beats all white nails. It’s the perfect color to fit the perfect style. Speaking of perfect styles, I want, no need this dream closet in my life. Wishful thinking! Let me know what you’re loving! -Habon xo 
(Source: La Goodlife)
(Source: The Fashion Alba

(Source: Fashion Sense xoxo

(Source: Simple is New Luxury

(Source: Looks for us

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