Hello Lovelies!

      I hope summer is treating you all well and you’re getting to relax and hopefully traveling. Luckily I get to do both today. I’m flying  to the United Arab Emirates to buy a few things for my wedding and catch up with my wonderful friends! I’m really excited to see them but not to excited about my 14+ direct flight to Dubai. Since its a bit of a journey getting there, I make sure to pack all my necessities. In this post I’m going to share what I carry in my carry on handbag. 

I have to admit that when it comes to traveling, especially for long flights I tend to almost always go with my Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM in the DE print. Just like its name, it really never gets full! Which is perfect if you’re like me and tend to slightly (and when I say slightly I mean a lot) overpack. This handbag is a tote that has one zipper compartment on the inside which is the perfect place to store my passport, wallet and any other valuables. The top part of the bag has no zipper rather a D-ring clasp to slightly bring the bag together. I always bring my Louis Vuitton shawl, since the cabin can be quite cold. I also carry some good reading material to go through on the plane. I’m currently reading The Goldfinch by Donna Tratt, I highly recommend this book! Along with a good novel I always grab one of the latest fashion magazines, today I picked up the August issue of Instyle which has Eva Longoria gracing the cover.

 Any good traveler knows to bring a cosmetic/toiletry case with all the goodies. I’m carrying a Michael Kors monogrammed cosmetic case that has my necessities: hand sanitizer, L’Occitane hand cream, Sugar lip balm, Iphone headphones, Kleenex, toothbrush/toothpaste and Advil. 

Sunglasses are a must for traveling, under eye circles anyone? These Tom Ford oversized sunnies are my current obsession. Since airplanes can be extremely dehydrating I always bring a bottle of water (I purchase it after Security so they won’t throw it away). Lastly I try to find a Starbucks close to my gate so I can get my caffeine fix before I board. Would love to know what you can’t live without when traveling! Habon xo 


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