Tumblr Tuesday 8/18

Hello lovelies! 

       My weekly edition of Tumblr Tuesday is back! Each week I search Tumblrland for a few of my fav things to share with you. This week I’m loving this pretty in pink place setting and an equally pretty makeup room. Travel gear inspiration that’ll make you want to grab your passport. Street style that is breaking all the rules and a group of handnags that will totally make you swoon! Hope you enjoy! -Habon xo 

(Source: Forever Champagne)

  (Source: Chanel and Louboutins)

(Source: La Goodlife)

 (Source: Femme-Belle)

(Source: Miss Shoppaholic

4 thoughts on “Tumblr Tuesday 8/18

  1. Loving your Tumblr Tuesdays! I am a total sucker for flatware and china, in fact, I collect it. I have so many sets of fine china…my husband is so annoyed. My faves are those from Limoges and Wedgwood Jasperware. Sigh. Loving everything that’s happening in the Femme-Belle picture – that fur coat, the jade-green Chanel…*swoon*

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    1. Yes perry flatware and China are a must. To be honest I never really thought of China until my fiancĂ© and I started our gift registry and I saw how gorge China is, and the endless options lol. Yes the Femme belle photo is perfection. I don’t think I would have thought to put all that together but she looks effortless.


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