Handbag and Lattes 12/14


        I’m sorry I’ve been a bit M.I.A. lately, the wedding is fast approaching (less than a month away) and I’ve been busy preparing all the final details! I can’t wait to share everything with you soon, but in the meantime I’ll be starting a new series titled Handbags and Lattes. This new series will focus on my favorite things: handbags! I’ll be doing reviews on my beloved bags, getting the scoop on the hottest It bags, and letting you know if that bag is really worth it. To jump off the series I thought I would review my favorite and first designer bag Lady Dior by Christian Dior

 The Lady Dior bag which was renamed for the great late Princess Diana truly lives up to its name. It truly is a lady’s bag with its well structured body, classic color combos and charms that discreetly spell out Dior when fanned out. I was immediately drawn to this bag for those great reasons. I decided to go with the patent leather which adds to the luxe feel of this already fab bag. 

Although most people think patent leather is durable, this is only true if it’s in black. Choosing a patent leather bag in a different color will still cause color transfer and makes it nearly impossible to clean away. Luckily my Sales Associate (SA) at the Dior boutique in Dubai shared this tip with me. I went with the black patent leather which has made this bag the most resilient handbag in my closet. 

You can chose between gold or silver hardware and because the Somali in me believes nothing beats gold, I went with the gold hardware that looks wonderful against the shiny black patent leather. You can dress your bag up by adding a colorful scarf. You can place the scarf either on the top handle (best for smaller scarves) or wrap it around the bag (best for bigger scarves). I love dressing up my Dior whenever I want to add a pop of color. 


The bag comes with a detachable shoulder strap that will let you take your handbag from daytime to night effortlessly. I like to wear the shoulder strap during the day if I’m shopping or having brunch with the girls. I remove the shoulder strap and carry the top handles if I’m going to a special event or a nice dinner. 

Overall this bag is perfect for someone who wants a sophisticated well structured handbag. I personally believe it’s an iconic bag that will be just as popular in twenty years. The patent leather gives it a luxe feel and added sense of glam that will instantly elevate any outfit. The only con I can honestly say is that the opening is quite tight, which causes you to pry it open. I usually have to use both hands, one to hold it open and the other to dig out what I’m looking for. Due to the tight opening its also hard to dump a lot of things in your bag, so I recommend putting your items in smaller organizers then placing it in your bag. Better yet only carry the essentials when using this bag since you won’t want to stretch it out. 

Aside from the difficulty of getting in and out the bag, I can genuinely say that this is my favorite handbag. If you’re looking for a bag a that will stand the test of time and look just great and fabulous as the day you got it, then look no further than the Lady Dior! -Habon xo 


One thought on “Handbag and Lattes 12/14

  1. Hello! Just thought I’d “drop” you a comment letting you know that I really enjoyed scrolling through your post! I found it very cool, interesting (and stylish too!!)
    Keep it up!!
    Come check out my blog if you get the time, would love to get your feedback!
    Keep blogging!
    Ps. Amazing bag


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