Monday Blues x Stationary Oohs  

Hello lovelies!

      I hope you all have been well. I know I took a short hiatus but I promise it was for a great reason. I got married! I know, finally! All of the planning, details, and long hours deciding between the perfect shade of blush was all worth it! I had the perfect wedding and got to marry my best friend. So as you can imagine the last few months have been a whirlwind. As soon as the wedding festivities were over, we moved to Toronto. I’ve been busy unpacking and settling in. I’m excited to see what Toronto has in store for me and to begin this new chapter of my life. 

Im planning on going back to school to obtain my PhD and in the works for starting a new venture, (more on that soon), starting French courses, and dedicating full time to my blog. With all the planning in the works I decided to step up my staitonary gear, and what better place to shop for stationary that’s both practical and fashion forward, than at Kate Spade New York?

 I love their 17 month Agenda with its white and gold circle pattern which makes it fashionable without it being too loud. Each month is easily labels with a tab and allows you to see the full month in a two page spread. I use this to jot down important appointments or special occasions. 


Although the agenda comes with a section for notes, it doesn’t replace an actual notebook. I decided to go for their medium size notebooks. They have an awesome selection of colors to chose from, and each has a cute slogan in the front. I opted for the Tiffany blue pastel which reads “Chic Happens” in the front. I write down all my to do lists, thoughts, blog posts ideas and anything else that comes to mind here. 
What’s the point of having an agenda and notebook without an equally fashionable pen. I love the navy blue pen that greets me with a “Hello Gorgeous” every time I pick it up. 
To round up my planning sessions I also grabbed a Tumbler that reassures me that eating cake for breakfast is totally acceptable. 
(Photo via Kate Spade
Shop the Stationary: 

Agenda: (Here)

Notebook: (similar

Pen: (similar

Tumbler: (here

Let me know your favorite stationary pieces and where to score them! -Habon xo 

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