Balenciaga Review 

Hello lovelies,

         Hope you’re all enjoying the weekend! I was fortunate enough to get a Balenciaga Giant Gold Money wallet during my trip to Dubai last summer. I was in search for a wallet big enough to hold everything, but also stylish. When I saw the Balenciaga wallet I knew it checked off both boxes. I opted for the burgundy  color with gold hardware, but the store had an endless selection of both neutrals and vibrant colors, sure to satisfy any customer. 

I’ve been using this wallet for almost a year now, so I thought it would be a perfect time to do a review. Although I use it practically everyday, it’s still in pristine condition. Even though I am careful with my slg (small leather goods), the distressed leather helps the wallet keep its shape with minimal wear and tear. 

The magnetic closure makes it super easy to close after use. It comes with eight credit card slots which I use for my cards, license, and even loyalty cards, Sephora VIB anyone? I use only two out of the four cash compartments to store cash and important receipts. The compartments are too small to hold a check book though, so I suggest carrying that separately in your handbag. The wallet has a zipper compartment for coins, although I rarely use it. I tend to keep my coins in a separate Fendi pouch, so the wallet won’t be stretched out. 

  It easily fits in my larger handbags and can comfortably fit in my small Michael Kors Selma, however it won’t fit in any of my mini bags let alone the micro ones. So if you tend to carry smaller bags then I wouldn’t suggest this wallet, since it can be bulky. Aside from it being on the bigger side, I honestly have no complaints. If you’re on the hunt for a stylish wallet then look no further than the Balenciaga Giant Gold Money. -Habon xo 




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