Travel Thursday

Hello Lovelies,

Hope you’re all having a wonderful day and enjoying this awesome weather we’ve been having (goodbye heatwave warnings). Some of you may be planning one last trip before the end of summer, check out what I carried in my travel handbag for my 16+ hour flight to Dubai (check out the best Afternoon Tea I had there). I decided to carry my Celine mini luggage (don’t let the name fool you, the bag is anything but mini) which is perfect for carrying all my things around. I literally cannot put down my new obsession Crazy Rich Asians, hilarious is an understatement when describing this book and will make any long haul flight go by way faster. Although I know it’s summer and I traveled to a city which heatwave is extremely common, I still carried my LV shawl for my flight. I constantly seem to freeze on airplanes, and this shawl helps to keep me warm. I’m loving the Evian mist sprays, since the cabin pressure dries out my already dry skin. Great thing is that their TSA approved so you can place them right in your handbag! Speaking of dry skin, I never leave the house without my L’occitane hand cream (I did an entire post raving about it). It literally hydrates my hands without leaving a greasy residue (win/win)! I also decided to take my Balenciaga wallet, since it easily fits everything and keeps it all organized. My Monogram Passport Holder is the best! It keeps my passport secure and looks great. Would love to know what you carry in your travel bag! -Habon xo



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