Tumblr Tuesday 03/01

Hello lovelies,

Happy March! Hope you’ve been doing well, I know I have (minus the current snow storm we’re experiencing, no bueno). Here’s one thing that always makes me happy regardless of the bad weather, handbags! It’s no secret that I have slight, okay MAJOR obsession with handbags, so it’s no surprise that for this week’s Tumblr Tuesday I’m highlighting my current favorite bags that I’m dying to add to my collection. Whether you’re into classics such as the Chanel Boy, Celine Nano luggage, and anything YSL or maybe you like your bags practical and pretty (Hello Givenchy and Hermes), you know I’ve got you covered. Sit back and enjoy these lust worthy bags and let me know which one you would add to your collection! Don’t miss any of my Tumblr updates over at Tumblr-land -Habon xo


(Source: Just the Design)

(Source: Handbags from Heaven)


(Source: Just the Design)


(Source: Handbags from Heaven)


(Source: Just the Design)


(Source: Queen of Classy)

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