Bridal Shower in Dubai

Hello lovelies,

I’ve decided to kick back up Wedding Wednesdays here on the blog! This is where I’ll share wedding advice, tips, and even my own wedding festivities. My wonderful bridesmaids threw me two Bridal Showers, how awesome?! The first shower took place last summer in Dubai. Since I had girlfriends who wouldn’t be able to travel to the wedding, having a separate shower there with them was perfect. My awesome friends and bridesmaids Razan and Terry planned this shower. It took place at Omani by Silvena located in downtown Dubai. The restaurant has a clean, modern with hints of glam feel, which perfectly captures the Dubai lifestyle. The main highlight of the decor is a glam graffiti wall and a diamond shaped VIP table in the middle of the room. The girls reserved the VIP table for us, swoon! The menu offers Emirati dishes with an elegant twist, which definitely didn’t disappoint. The crowd favorite was the 24 karat gold dessert which looked as good as it tasted. Catching up with old friends, indulging in delicious cuisine, and chilling at one of the poshest restaurants, what more could a bride ask for?! Stay tuned next week for more of my wedding festivities. -Habon xo

P.S. Get the dets on my outfit below!

Dress: Honey and Hazel

Bracelet: Hermes

Watch: Michael Kors

Shoes: Nine West

Handbag: Chanel


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