Monogram Love 

Hello lovelies,

Happy Monday! I don’t know about you guys but loosing an hour of sleep was not easy, especially this morning, but it does mean we’re closer to spring, so I’ll take that! Today I wanted to share with you the process of monogramming when it comes to luxury goods. Monogramming is no longer just for preppy sweaters, bath towels and pillows. The fashion world has realized that their clients want to make their own luxury goods, well their OWN. And what else says me, like your initials. I personally love monograms!  It allows you the ability to personalize your items and slightly set yourself from the fashion pack. Fashion giants like Louis Vuitton (LV), offer complimentary hot stamping on most of their leather goods for clients. Anything from small leather goods (slg), certain handbags, and of course their infamous luggage tags, can all be monogrammed. Just make sure your local boutique has the machine to do so (some boutiques might have to send it off to another store).

Once your Sales Associate (SA) confirms that they can hot stamp your item, they’ll sit you down and let you decide on how many initials (one, two, or three), color (gold or silver), sizing and if you would like dots between each initial or sans dots. Once they’ve marked up your request and you sign off on it, just sit back and relax. If the machine is in store it’ll be completed before you guzzle down your complimentary water.  You can also monogram your online purchases as well!

Just keep in mind before monograming your pieces that they can no longer be returned to LV for a refund. It’s also much harder to resale your pieces if you think about giving up your LV down the future. I mean whats the chances of your initials matching someone looking for the exact handbag? But if you have no interest in returning your items or reselling them in the future, then monogramming might be for you. A lot of other companies have hopped on board the monograming train including Fendi, Chloe, and Prada, which allow you to monogram certain handbags and even the soles of shoes. Prada and an event a few years ago where you could customize your shoe. You could pick out the color, material, heel height, color of the sole, and even add initials to the sole. I took advantage of this opportunity and created a nude classic shoe with my initials. Check out my pair below, along with my monogram LV goodies. Shop the items below and let me know if you’re on the monogram train. -Habon xo

Passport Cover: Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene

Wallet: Louis Vuitton Josephine

Handbag: Neverfull GM

Shoes: Prada (similar)

Luggage: Keepall Bandouliere 55





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