Breakfast at Tiffany’s Bridal Shower

Hello lovelies,

Hope you’re having an awesome day! A while back I shared with you the Bridal Shower my bridesmaids threw for me in Dubai, as part of my Wedding Wednesdays series. My bridesmaids were so awesome that they actually held a second bridal shower for me in Atlanta, a few days before all the wedding festivities!

My wonderful bridesmaids held the bridal shower at the B Loft, which is the perfect backdrop to any chic event. It allows the host to dress it up any way they like. The girls decided on a long estate table down the middle, decorated with perfect white roses. Each seat had the guests names printed on beautiful stationary along with headbands. My favorite tv character is the infamous Blair Waldroff, from the hit series Gossip Girl, and we all know Blair always has a fashionable headband! Since I’m also a huge Breakfast at Tiffany’s fan, the girls kept the color scheme Tiffany blue and white. Although Holly might have loved the LBD (little black dress), all guests were instructed to wear white, which lend to a more romantic and feminine look.

Guests munched on delicious finger foods provided by my lovely friends Sheriffa and Siman who whipped up everything, including a delicious signature drink that was of course Tiffany blue. We played tons of games, including the infamous toilet paper dress game, which was a lot of fun. My super awesome friend and bridesmaid Siman brought in a  professional photographer to capture all the perfect moments. She also got the guests to sign a map from where they flew into wishing me congratulatory messages, how creative! The guests took home the perfect nude nail polish colors along with a mini filer (adorbs) as party favors! It was the perfect afternoon with my fav girls.

Siman sent me a package in the mail, where she printed out all the photos from the bridal shower and placed them in a beautiful white album, which has become the perfect addition to our coffee table. If that wasn’t enough, she bought me and my hubby the cutest coffee mugs with gold foil spelling out xoxo, which is Gossip Girl’s signature! I truly have amazing friends, who made my special day even more awesome! Here are the highlights from the festivity, I hope you enjoy!  -Habon xo








One thought on “Breakfast at Tiffany’s Bridal Shower

  1. Thanks for allowing me to be part of an amazing day! I’m honored to have had the chance to capture an amazing day for you in your life! Always love here for you back in Ga! Xoxoxoxo


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