Color Theory

Hello Lovelies,

I’m so sorry I’ve been a little MIA this past week. One of my good friends has tied the knot, and like any good bridesmaid I was by her side! The wedding was beautiful and the bride stunning, so all and all it was perfect. Since being a bridesmaid, I decided to dedicate this Wedding Wednesday blog post to my top five fav bridesmaid colors that will keep your bridesmaids happy, and your wedding looking gorge (win-win)!  Want to make your bridesmaids happier? Pick the color but get it in a convertible dress, which will allow each girl to wear it in a  way that flatters her (halter, strapless, off the shoulder, one shoulder) the options are endless! I did this and all seven (yes seven!) looked flawless! What color would/did you pick for your fav girls? Mine was latte! -Habon xo



Pastel (Adds just enough color to a Spring/Summer wedding.) 


(Source: Style Me Pretty)


Nude (Looks amazing on all skin types, plus so many variations to chose from so everyone is happy!)


(Source: Jenny Yoo NYC Instagram)

All that Glitters (Sequins makes everything more festive )


(Source: Deer Pearl Flowers)


Pretty in Pink (Pink is always feminine and romantic) 


(Source: Wedding Dash)


Have it All (pick a color and get in a variety of shades and materials) 


(Source: Mine Forever App)

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