Read my Lips 

Hello Lovelies, 

Happy Thursday! Some of you may know I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect nude lipstick for some time now. Currently my fav is Whirl from MAC, you can checkout my thoughts about it here. What I quickly realized is that the perfect lipstick is nothing without the right lip pencil. They both work together to create the perfect lip shade, think of it as Batman and Robin. My fav lip pencil right now is Chestnut from MAC. I find it to be the perfect shade for my lip color and sometimes just wear the liner by itself and it still looks good! Would love to know what your fav lip pencil is, I’m always looking for new finds! -Habon xo 

7 thoughts on “Read my Lips 

    1. Yes whirl is amazing! They have a whirl pencil too but it was light for my lip color so I went with the chestnut and it’s amazing!


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