Fashion Friday

Hello Lovelies,

The week is almost over and I couldn’t be happier! The weather is perfect and my weekend consists of catching up with old friends and sleeping in, so basically perfection! Speaking of perfection, I realized I didn’t share my lovely birthday gift. If you ask anyone who knows me what do I love? I can almost guarantee you that they would say handbags and lattes (especially Starbucks Hazelnut latte), and they would be absolutely correct! I love handbags. I’ve been slowly building up my collection and although it’s nowhere near Dorthy Wang’s collection (I’m a #RickKidsofBeverlyHills fan) I like to think it’s slowly getting there.

I’m always on the hunt for pieces that are missing from my collection, so when I found out about Louis Vuitton’s Toiletry Pouch that could be used as a clutch, I knew I wanted it! Technically it’s a toiletry pouch but fashionistas and even the late Princess Di have rocked it like a clutch. If it’s good enough for Princess Di, then it’s definitely good for me! It looks great with casual attire and I’m sure it’ll be my go to piece in the evenings during the summer. Can’t wait to take this bag pouch out! I’ll do a proper review on what it can hold soon, so look out for that post! Are their any pieces you’re lusting over?! -Habon xo


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