Hijabs by the Pound 

Hello Lovelies,

I had the great opportunity to head to Ugaasadda grand store opening here in Toronto a few weeks back! Ugaasadda has been a dear friend of mine for about a decade now, but most of you probably know her through her funny yet accurate Somali skits on Instagram which has gained her an international fanbase. Huge publications like BBC and Huffington Posts have done pieces on her (can we say major big deal)! She still continues to do hilarious skits on her IG (if you haven’t seen them, then you’re seriously missing out) but this smart beauty decided to open her own hijab and modest wear clothing line using her namesake. She devidd to open up her first flagship store in her hometown of Toronto. 

The boutique is designed like the ultimate closet with white backgrounds and all items impeccably organized. Basically every fashionistas dream closet. The clean minimal look allows for the vibrant hijabs to stand out. You can literally find any color you’re looking for with the array of stock. Can we say “hijabs by the pound” in Beyoncé’s voice. Since everything is color coordinated it allows you (the buyer) to find exactly what you need in no time, which a busy girl like me loves. If you live in Toronto check out the beautiful boutique for yourself 1949 Weston Road. Not in Toronto? Don’t worry her online store has all the goodies in stock so you can get your pieces before Eid! -Habon xo 


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