Eid Outfit, Fashion Friday

Hello Lovelies,

Happy Friyay! This week has gone by fast thanks to the long weekend and celebration of Eid. I shared my Eid brunch with all of you the other day here, but I decided to wait to showcase my outfit for Fashion Friday! Before every Eid I always try to find the perfect abaya that’s both modest yet fashion forward, and sometimes it’s hard finding the perfect one, but this Eid it was pretty easy to find that combo thanks to my good friend Hodman who co-owns the abaya line The Cloak with sister Yasmin and friend Hotho. I missed their first pop up shop, since I was in VA for a wedding. Luckily they did a second pop up shop the following weekend here in Toronto, and I was able to grab myself this lovely black lace abaya. Although black abayas are super common, the lace intricate detail and rope belt made this one a stand out. Plus one can never have too much black! I wore the shayla (hijab) that came with the abaya which was a simple sheer black scarf and my black open toed heels I snagged from Aldo earlier this summer. I decided to pull out my beloved Chanel classic flap which added the perfect punch of color to this all black ensemble. Hope you enjoy this Fashion Friday post and would love to see your Eid outfits! -Habon xo


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