Birthday Wishlist

Hello Lovelies,

I can’t believe it’s already Thursday, feels like the week completely flew by, but I’m not complaining. In exactly a week from now it’ll be my birthday! Yes I am one of those obnoxious people who think their birthday is the greatest day of the year and insists on celebrating all week long. I would probably try to push it to a month, but my friends won’t let me, sigh. This birthday is special for me due to two reasons, first I’ll be 36 weeks pregnant which means my bundle of joy could pop out any time soon now, which would be amazing! Another May baby! It’s also going to be my last year of my twenties! I know some people are ageist and dread turning 30, but I am definitely NOT one of those people. I feel like with age comes wisdom and let’s be honest 30 is not old at all! Just ask your parents or better yet your grandparents. Looking back at my twenties it has been such a joyous and interesting ride that I wouldn’t trade for the world. I got to live in three different countries in three different continents, graduated from Uni with both a bachelors and a masters, met the love of my life and married him, and now I’m about to be a mom! With so many exciting things happening, I cannot wait to see what the next decade will bring, God willing. Until then I still have 365 days plus a week to enjoy my last year as a twenty-something. What better way to enjoy it then to dream up all my fav things that I would love to get or add to my collection. If you’re feeling generous and unsure what I would like, get your pen and paper ready to jot down what’s on my wish list! -Habon xo


Here’s my wish list in no particular order:

Soho Disco Leather Bag 


(Source: Quatre Femme Shanna)

I’ve been eyeing this bag for a few years now. One of my bestie’s Terry got in a beautiful blue suede color and it looks like the perfect everyday bag. I have to admit, I’ve been loving cross-body bags lately. Maybe it’s the effortless casual glam look that I’m constantly trying to achieve or the practicality of this bag, which lets face it, most bags tend to miss. It’s big enough to fit all essentials without weighing you down. I’m loving it in all black which would easily become my everyday handbag.



Cartier Love Ring 




(Source: Cartier)

I know the love bracelets have been making a huge splash all over social media and practically dripping on all the celebrities arms, hello Kardashians, but I’m loving the love ring. It’s slightly more discreet but equally beautiful. I love the wedding band size which is more dainty oppose to it’s larger counterpart. I think this ring is perfect to wear everyday and can even be stacked with other rings or more love rings if you like. It comes in yellow gold, pink gold, white gold and even platinum. I would definitely opt for the yellow gold since I think it looks the most timeless and classic.


Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel Perfume 


(Source: Princesse Chanel)

I have to admit that I only wear one scent at all times and that is the Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. I usual end up getting perfumes as gifts and I love having a little collection sitting on my vanity but will rarely ever put on another scent. I feel like once you’ve found your signature scent then you should stick with it. I know a few girls who will have a spring/summer set and then switch over to a fall/winter scent, which I think is great, but I haven’t been able to leave my Coco alone. What can I say, I’m pretty loyal. This is why I love receiving this perfume and even getting multiples of it because I know I will never run out. Check out my full review on the perfume, and see why I’m so obsessed with it. Although this perfume is definitely on the pricer end, it’s worth every cent or should I say scent!


Louis Vuitton 6 Key Holder 

louis-vuitton-6-key-holder-monogram-canvas-personalization--M61285_PM2_Front view.jpg

louis-vuitton-6-key-holder-monogram-canvas-personalization--M61285_PM1_Interior view.jpg

(Source: Louis Vuitton)

I’m always looking for ways to stay more organized especially when it comes to my handbags. I tend to carry just the necessities without weighing down my bags so they can keep their shape longer and not to strain my shoulder. After watching countless videos on YouTube about the best SLGs (small leather goods) all the girls and guys kept raving about the LV 6 key holder. I love the fact that it can keep all my keys in one place and I won’t have to worry about my keys scratching the inside of my bag. It even has a small compartment in the back to place an ID and a credit card, for the days you don’t want to be bothered with a bag! It comes in monogram, damier ebene, damier azur canvases and even the epi and vernis leathers. I would personally go for the monogram canvas with the rose ballerina (light pink) interior color. You an also get this item hot stamped with your initial for free at LV!





(Source: Syflove)

You know the old saying, April showers, bring May flowers. Although the weather in Toronto will have you believing we’re still in April, thundershowers daily, that doesn’t mean the flowers aren’t blooming. I absolutely love Peonies, their actually my fav flower of all time but they only bloom in the spring. That’s why I love receiving them for my birthday because I know I won’t be able to get them later on in the year. I love the shape of them and how big they blossom. I prefer receiving them while their still closed so I can watch them open up and enjoy them a bit longer. Although they come in an array of colors, my favorite has to be in pink (no surprise there). Ask your local florist if they’ve started receiving them and you might want to order them, since Mother’s Day is right around the corner and they can sell out quickly!


3 thoughts on “Birthday Wishlist

  1. Masha Allah i Love the LV keyholder ! The Gucci soho bag in Black its my favorite . Chanel is always the Nr. 1 but I’m Chloe Fan so far:) happy birthday and enjoy ❤️🎉


  2. Congratulations on being a new mom! I also became a mom earlier this year and it has been an amazing journey so far. Wonderful wish list! I’m also thinking about adding a Cartier Love piece to my collection 🙂

    Best Wishes,
    Cindy xx


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