Monday Motivation

Hello Lovelies,

Happy Monday! This weekend completely flew by, which I would probably complain about, but since this week is my birthday week, I don’t mind at all! I decided to bring back Monday Motivation for the blog. First, as advice to myself and second, to help anyone else reading this that might need that inspirational push. This week’s quote I actually stumbled across over in the world of Tumblr, and it really resonated with me.

I think sometimes it can get discouraging and difficult to keep the grind and hustle going, especially when instant change or gratification isn’t seen, but what I’m learning is that’s when the most hustle is needed. With your hustle, you’ll have others recognizing your hard work and sometimes it keeps from people you least suspect or might not even know. I’ve had complete strangers message me and tell me how much they love my blog and how it has helped them either create their own blog or dive into the creative field. This completely motivates me to not only keep up the blogging, but also to venture onto other great things. I hope this motivates you to continue grinding in whatever you may be doing: blogging, schooling or getting that big promotion at work. Never stop, because you maybe inspiring others around you. In the words of the great Queen Bee “Oh hold on, don’t try to slow me down”. -Habon xo


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