Weekend Dets 

Hello lovelies,

It’s finally the weekend, and the weather is amazing, well for Toronto’s standards. No snow and minimal windshields, so that’s practically spring, right?! Since the weather here can flip at a moment’s notice I decided to take advantage of the sun and spend the day out with the fams. When getting ready, I always look at the details (accessories) first. I’m a firm believer that the details make the outfit. Check out my dets below and let me know your awesome plans for the weekend. -Habon xo

PS: Don’t forget to shop the look below.

Handbag: Michael Kors Selma

Hat:Urban Outfitters (similar)

Shawl: Louis Vuitton 

Wallet: Louis Vuitton Josephine

Bracelet: Hermes H Bracelet

Perfume: Chanel











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