Hijabs by the Pound 

Hello Lovelies, I had the great opportunity to head to Ugaasadda grand store opening here in Toronto a few weeks back! Ugaasadda has been a dear friend of mine for about a decade now, but most of you probably know her through her funny yet accurate Somali skits on Instagram which has gained her an… Read More Hijabs by the Pound 

Afternoon Tea

Hello Lovelies, Happy Wednesday! I mentioned yesterday how I was busy traveling and I was fortunate enough to travel back to Dubai for a week to see my fav girls and family. Although that heat was no joke (I was literally sweating my roots out), one thing I love most about the city besides the… Read More Afternoon Tea

Tumblr Tuesday 7/26

Hello Lovelies,  It’s Tuesday which means another Tumblr Tuesday post! Happy dance! I’ve scoped out my fav tumblr posts which are seriously drool worthy. Sit back, enjoy and scroll through! Let me know if you’re on Tumblr, I love following new people! -Habon xo  (Source: Minimal Classy)   (Source: Its-noory) (Source: Lima89)  (Source: Expensivetastexox)  (Source: L-e-a-b-o)  (Source: Pretty–chic) (Source: Pretty–chic)  (Source: Chxpotle) 

Tumblr Tuesday 6/7

Hello Lovelies,  Happy Tuesday and Ramadan Mubarak to all my fellow Muslims. I hope you’re all having an awesome day! It’s Tuesday which means I have your weekly dose of my Tumblr favs down below. Sit back, relax and enjoy my picks from Tumblr-land! -Habon xo  (Source: Pretty–Chic) (Source: Pretty–Chic) (Source: Pretty–Chic) (Source: Monmondefou) (Source: Just the Design) (Source: My Parisian Lifestyle)